The Art of Maurice Evans



Original mixed media painting collage on wood

size: 18” x 24” 

price: $2500.

Print options:

Print: Hand-embellished 18”x24” limited to 99 prints $200.


The Reclamation Project is a “Love Letter” to Black women, young and old. Reclamation is about Black women releasing feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment tied to their bodies and reclaiming their sexuality, their sensuality, and their womanhood. It’s about understanding how each of these elements are intricately intertwined with their spirituality. As women, daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers, Blackwomen are constantly reclaiming and redefining the very definition of who they are; peeling off all labels that no longer serve them. The Reclamation Project is about being at peace with and *loving* who you are, as you are, where you are.

“Warrior Mama”

Kimberly Stewart-Lucas