The Art of Maurice Evans


“Black and Magic part 3”

Original Mixed Media, acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas

size: 30" x 30" 

price:$3000.  (original)


or  $300. (limited edition print) print size 24”x24”


Ever since I became aware of my blackness, I have felt that we black people are special. Not only survive the most brutal oppression in the history of mankind, but some how not just persevere, but thrive. We are the creators of civilization after all. When the actor Jesse Williams was making his powerful speech about our current situation, he said, "Just because we are magic doesn't mean that we are not real " was a reminder to our oppressors about humanity, but it was also a reminder to black people that we black folks are  great and magical  human beings. My series of  works entitled "Black and Magic" have been inspired by that great speech by Jesse Williams.